Kish Collection, Field Museum of Natural History

As part of the Kish collections move team, I helped consolidate all 32,000 objects into one storage area. This required planning for the space, including organizing by artifact categories, planning the height needed between shelves and installing them, and leaving room for permanent locations for objects on exhibit or in the conservation lab. We also built mounts for ceramics and sculpture, and reconciled numbers assigned to objects in the field with museum catalog numbers.



Fossil Fish, Field Museum of Natural History

As part of a team, I helped move the entire fossil fish collection (30,000 specimens) from one floor to a storage area on another floor. Part of our duties included moving drawers into a temporary staging area and supervising contractors who moved the large metal cabinets. We organized specimens by taxonomy and size, rehousing them into specimen trays along the way. The largest oversize specimens required multiple team members and coordinating movements through freight elevators, using large flatbed carts and dollies.